Compound Water Meters

Compound Water Meters

Compound Series Meter for One-Direction Cold Water Flow from Metering and Technology Solutions


A compound water meter is the perfect solution to measuring high and low flow rates. This meter is used to measure cold water with flow in one direction with a high degree of accuracy. It's like having two meters in one.

A typical compound meters consist of three main parts: the high flow measuring chamber with a turbine meter, a low flow measuring chamber with a positive displacement meter like a disc meter or a multi-jet meter and a valve that automatically directs the flow through the correct measuring chamber based on demand.

Advantages of Compound Meters

  • It is more accurate than a turbine meter measuring low flow rates, so you will earn more revenue and conserve more water.
  • It is able to measure both low and high flow rates. This reduces the chance of under billing or over billing the customer and losing future earnings.
  • An internal strainer is located inside the meter to protect the meter from outside material. Some manufactures require an external strainer as well.

Recordall Compound Series meters combine two metering technologies in one innovative package. A positive displacement chamber measures low flow, while a turbine chamber records high flow. These meters are an ideal choice for facilities that experience rapid and wide fluctuations in water demand, such as hospitals, universities, residential complexes and manufacturing or processing facilities. These compound water meters are compatible with the ORION Endpoints and the Badger Meter BEACON meter reading solutions and the Itron 100W Endpoint and Itron’s data collection software packages.


  • Hospitals
  • Universities
  • Manufacturing
  • Process Facilities
  • Facility or Property Management
  • Water Distribution


Size:  2...8”

Temperature Range:  Up to 105 °F

Flow Range:  2.5…4500 gpm

Pressure Range:  Up to 150 PSI

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Metering and Technology Solutions is your provider of compound water meters for Minnesota, Western Wisconsin, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Nebraska.


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