E-Series Ultrasonic Plus Meter

E-Series Ultrasonic Meters Plus

E-Series Ultrasonic Plus for Accurate Water Meter Reading from Metering and Technology Solutions


The E-Series Ultrasonic Plus meter is a solid state water meter and is a great compliment to the popular Badger E-Series Ultrasonic water meters. Although they are in the same family, the E-Series Ultrasonic Plus meter offers a unique alternative for your residential and light commercial water metering needs.

The stainless steel Badger E-Series Ultrasonic Plus meter incorporates an integrated shutoff valve into the lay length of the meter and features a patented three-state flow restriction valve that enables water utility operators to remotely open, close and partially close the valve from the utility office or other location. This solid-state water meter is permanently sealed and offers a magnetic coupling to the valve, allowing the valve to be installed with the meter or at a later time when the need arises. Utility personnel will be able to remotely activate and manage the valve using a mobile meter reading device using the ORION Endpoints and the Badger Meter BEACON meter reading solutions or the Itron 100W Endpoint and Itron’s data collection software packages.

Benefits of solid state water meter technology

  • Better high flow durability
  • They can help identify the smallest leaks
  • They can pay for themselves in a few years
  • Environmentally friendly composition
  • No moving parts to wear out, reduced maintenance
  • Particles do not cause meters to stick or stop
  • Minimal pressure loss

Solid-state water meters have no moving parts, reducing regular maintenance. A 20 year battery life is one of many value-added features. Utilities no longer have to invest in time consuming regular battery maintenance change-outs or calibration that is required with traditional mechanical and electromagnetic meters.


  • Residential Water Metering
  • Light Commercial
  • Hard to Collect Areas
  • College Campus
  • Facility or Property Management


Size:   5/8 x 3/4
            3/4 x7-1/2”
            3/4 x 9”
            3/4 x 1 x 9”

Temperature Range:  34…140 °F

Flow Range:  0.05…160 gpm

Pressure Range:  Up to 175 PSI

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