Data Collection


  • A handheld computer offering fast and efficient data collection from the field with state-of-the-art mobile processing power
  • Shock mounted electronics—all points of contact are insulated with rubber surrounds for maximum impact resistance during data collection
  • Diagnose and transfer data to a central database for billing and analysis

Mobile Collections Systems

  • A portable device that allows advanced meter reading, out-of-route read collection and GPS mapping
  • Offers improvements in operational efficiencies, automated meter reading, enhanced customer service and employee safety
  • Out-of-route read collection to reduce special read visits

Mobile Collector Lite

  • A flexible and cost-effective drive-by meter reader for gathering data from radio-based endpoints
  • Great for smaller providers to large utilities with a mix of urban and rural service areas
  • Compact enough to fit in any vehicle and can be easily transferred

Mobile Radio

  • A mobile radio for walk-by reading and programming for use with smart meters and endpoint solutions from Itron
  • Designed to handle environmental elements including rain, dust and drop conditions

Data Management

Field Collection System (FCS)

  • State-of-the-art software that, when combined with handheld and mobile technologies, provides seamless integration with existing enterprise billing systems, advanced meter data management systems and ERT meter endpoints
  • Imports and assigns routes to mobile collection devices
  • Manages data collected in the field and prepares routes to be exported for billing

MV-RS Meter Reading Software - DISCONTINUED

  • A meter reading system that collects data from multiple meter types and provides accurate, reliable meter data. FREE Upgrade to FCS ends December 31, 2017!

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