ORION® Cellular Endpoint

  • A two-way water endpoint that utilizes existing cellular infrastructure to efficiently and securely deliver cellular meter reading data to the utility. Stores 120 days of hourly data
  • Eliminates the need for utility-owned fixed network infrastructure, allows for rapid deployment and decreases in ongoing maintenance.
  • Ideal for those hard to reach, out of the way utility users, both rural and municipal utilities

ORION® Fixed Network Endpoint (SE)

  • A two-way water endpoint for use in fixed network meter reading deployments
  • Broadcasts the meter data to the network gateway transceivers or mobile collection devices
  • Fixed network with full-time mobile back-up

ORION® Classic Endpoint (CE)

  • An time trusted AMR endpoint device used with drive-by meter reading systems
  • No field programming tools are required to activate the endpoint, activation is automatic with first water flow
  • Provides totalized usage data, indication of premise leak, reverse flow, cut-wire, and no-usage

ORION® Migratable Endpoint (ME)

  • A two-way water endpoint for mobile applications
  • Has the capability of migrating to fixed network mode to support future utility capabilities
  • Allows users to wirelessly obtain data profile information during the normal reading process without having to directly access the endpoint


Managed Solution, BEACON® Advanced Metering Analytics

  • Provides utility management with greater control and visibility
  • Offers faster leak detection, water conservation clarity, revenue management, and easier data collection for compliance reporting
  • Customer service tools enable access to individual customer information

Consumer Engagement - EyeOnWater®

  • A consumer engagement application for water usage management.
  • Allows utility customers to view and understand their water usage through easy-to-understand consumption graphs
  • Provides a simple method to establish alerts to better manage their water use.

Fixed Network Solution

  • Provides utility management with hourly interval metering data to better manage their utility and resources
  • Combines fixed network gateway transceivers with two-way smart meter endpoints for better fixed network meter reading in an advanced meter infrastructure
  • Integrates seamlessly with utility billing and other systems


Mobile Solution, BEACON® Advanced Metering Analytics

  • Provides utilities with a comprehensive mobile meter reading solution using two-way communications
  • Migratable endpoints are easily upgraded to fixed network data collection from mobile without reprogramming the endpoint or need of a truck
  • Automatic software upgrades and integration with your utility systems means ease-of-use and peace-of-mind

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