BEACON Fixed Network Solution

Fixed Network Solution

BEACON® Fixed Network Solution for Interval Meter Reading from Metering and Technology Solutions


BEACON® Traditional Fixed Network Solution provides utility management with hourly interval metering data to better manage their utility and resources by combining the power of the cloud-based BEACON AMA software with trusted ORION® Fixed Network (SE) endpoint and network gateway transceiver technology. Our traditional point-to-point fixed network system combines fixed network gateway transceivers with two-way smart meter endpoints for better fixed network meter reading in an advanced meter infrastructure. This is an efficient solution for reading a high number of services from gateways installed on existing, utility-owned infrastructure.

The BEACON Advanced Metering Analytics (AMA) from Badger advanced metering is built on a century of water metering experience. The ORION family of products provides utilities a comprehensive meter reading solution using two-way communications. The BEACON AMA software suite offers utility management control and greater visibility for fixed network meter reading. BEACON AMA software provides targeted Advanced Metering Analytics in a hosted platform with easy-to-use data tools for the utility to grow efficiency in day-to-day utility operations.


  • Secured cloud-based software platform
  • Automatic software updates
  • Integrates seamlessly with utility billing and other systems
  • Cloud-based software means utility IT resources are not needed to install or maintain a local server or update software
  • Fixed network meter reading allows field staff to focus on maintenance, installations and other important utility needs
  • Hourly interval metering data improves customer service and helps identify leaks faster
  • Hourly interval metering data at your fingertips
  • Supports ORION Fixed Network (SE) communication technology


  • Facility or Property Management
  • Water Distribution

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