ORION® Fixed Network Endpoint (SE)

fixed network meter reading

ORION® Fixed Network Endpoint (SE) for Fixed Network Meter Reading from Metering and Technology Solutions

The ORION® Fixed Network endpoint (SE) is a two-way water endpoint for use in fixed network meter reading deployments. When installed, ORION Fixed Network Endpoints initially operate in mobile priority mode and automatically transition to fixed network priority mode of operation once ORION network gateway transceivers and Badger Meter reading data management software are deployed. In fixed network priority mode, ORION Fixed Network endpoints will simultaneously transmit a mobile message to allow mobile data collection of the utility's meter data at any time. The endpoint automatically transitions back to mobile priority mode if the network is disrupted for an extended period of time.

The ORION Fixed Network endpoint continuously monitors the encoder circuit. At predetermined intervals, the endpoint broadcasts the totalized reading value along with other meter data to the network gateway transceivers or mobile collection devices.

Once activated, ORION Fixed Network endpoints begin transmitting in mobile priority mode. After installation, using the endpoint two-way communication and “smart mode” intelligence, endpoints designated for use in a fixed network deployment automatically detect ORION network gateway transceivers in the area, which signal the endpoints to transition to broadcast in fixed network priority mode. In fixed network meter reading priority mode, an endpoint transmits its fixed network message data once an hour while concurrently broadcasting its mobile message once every ten seconds.

ORION Fixed Network Endpoints Features:

  • Unlicensed/regulated
  • Fixed network with full-time mobile back-up
  • Two-way communication
  • Hourly reading interval
  • Fixed network reading
  • Premise leak detection


  • Indoor installations
  • Outdoor installations
  • Pit Applications
  • Water & Wastewater Treatment
  • Water Distribution


Temperature Range:   -40…140 °F


The Fixed Network endpoint is a member of the time-tested ORION family of products from Badger Meter, designed for maximum flexibility in fixed network meter reading. Since 2002, the ORION product family has been providing comprehensive Advanced Metering Analytics (AMA) for interval meter reading and data capture using both one-way and two-way communications.

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ORION Water Endpoints Fixed Network Endpoint Product Data Sheet

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