High Resolution Encoders (HR-E®)

  • A fully electronic, solid-state encoders, perfect for commercial and residential needs
  • Provides leak detection and other critical information through the reading system to help utilities manage their water
  • Built to withstand harsh environments, including flooded pits, through unique adhesive sealing technology

High Resolution LCD Encoders (HR-E® LCD)

  • The same great solid-state encoder as above, plus an LCD display that automatically toggles between nine- and six-digit visual resolution, rate of flow and meter model
  • 20-year battery life to help provide dependable service and peace of mind

Recordall® Transmitter Register (RTR)

  • A digital encoder that provides output at very low power requirements
  • Suitable for installation in all environments, including meter pits subject to continuous submergence
  • Installs up to 1000 feet away from controller

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