High Resolution Encoders (HR-E)

High Resolution LCD Encoders (HR-E® LCD)

High Resolution Encoders (HR-E®) for Commercial or Residential Meter Readings from Metering and Technology Solutions

The High Resolution Encoder (HR-E®) from Badger is designed for use with all current Recordall Disc, Turbo, Compound, Combo and Fire Series meters and assemblies. The encoder provides connectivity with Badger Meter ORION® and GALAXY® AMR/AMI endpoints, BadgerTouch modules and other AMR/AMI technology solutions approved by Badger Meter.

Encoder output from this high resolution encoder includes eight-dial resolution to AMR/AMI endpoints and the option of four, five, six, seven or eight-dial resolution for touch applications. The encoded output provides leak detection and other critical information through the reading system to help utilities manage their water.

High resolution encoders utilize the industry standard communication protocol, and do not require programming or setting adjustments during installation or wire repair. Through a unique sealing process that eliminates gaskets, Badger Meter encoders are built to withstand harsh environments including flooded pits and are ideal as a commercial water meter encoder or residential water meter encoder.

High Resolution Encoders features and benefits

  • No programming or setting adjustments required during installation or wire repair
  • Built to withstand harsh environments, including flooded pits, through unique adhesive sealing technology
  • Terminal screw version available for ease in indoor installation
  • Compatible with Badger Meter ORION family of endpoints and other manufacturer approved technologies
  • High resolution 8-digit encoded output for AMR/AMI applications
  • Frictionless, non-contact wheel position encoding
  • Uses industry standard communication protocol and proven light emitting diode (LED) technology


  • Facility or Property Management
  • Irrigation
  • Water Distribution


Temperature Range:  -40…140 °F

Weight:  10 ounces


  • 0…100% condensing when equipped with potted lead wire
  • 0…95% non-condensing with screw-terminal wire connections

Signal Output:   Industry Standard ASCII Format


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HR-E High Resolution Encoder Product Data Sheet

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Metering and Technology Solutions is your provider of high-resolution encoders for Minnesota, Western Wisconsin, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Nebraska.


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