High Resolution LCD Encoders (HR-E® LCD)

High Resolution LCD Encoders (HR-E® LCD)

High Resolution LCD Encoders with LCD 8-digit Output for Meter Readings from Metering and Technology Solutions

High Resolution LCD Encoders from Badger Meter are fully electronic, solid-state, field programmable and use industry standard ASCII communication protocols to provide high resolution encoded output. Status indicators/alarms can also be sent as part of the encoded output to endpoints capable of receiving extended messages. In addition, the HR-E® LCD offers tamper-resistant features such as register removal and magnetic tamper indicators to provide utilities with increased security.

The housing of the High Resolution LCD Encoder is constructed of an engineered polymer enclosure and a polycarbonate lens. For long-term performance, the enclosure is fully encapsulated, weatherproof, and UV-resistant to withstand harsh environments and to protect the electronics in flooded or submerged pit applications. An epoxy potting (patent pending) comprises the encoder bottom. Due to this unique sealing, the High Resolution LCD Encoder exceeds all applicable requirements of AWWA Standard C706 and C707.

Unauthorized removal of the High Resolution LCD Encoder is inhibited by a tamper-resistant Torx seal screw. Torx seal screws are provided as standard accessories. Optional proprietary tamper-proof screws are also available. Magnetic sensors detect and report an attempted encoder removal. In addition, the High Resolution LCD Encoder is resistant to magnetic tampering. If the encoder detects an attempted tamper—as well as encoder removal— it will send out a tamper alarm. Approved endpoints capable of receiving the alarms, such as ORION Cellular, Fixed Network and Migratable endpoints, can then report the tamper condition to the meter reading software.

High Resolution LCD Encoder features and benefits

  • High resolution helps provide leak detection resulting in potential revenue gain for utilities
  • Encoder generated information can be used by utilities to handle customer service issues such as high bill complaints
  • 20-year battery life helps provide dependable service and peace of mind
  • Compatible with Badger Meter ORION® family of endpoints and other manufacturer approved technologies
  • Factory programmed to customer specifications with field programming capabilities
  • LCD display automatically toggles between nine- and six-digit visual resolution, rate of flow and meter model
  • The High Resolution LCD Encoder is built to withstand harsh environments, including flooded pits, through unique adhesive sealing technology


  • Facility or Property Management
  • Irrigation
  • Water Distribution


Temperature Range:   -40…140 °F

Numerals:   7 mm (0.28") high

Weight:   11 ounces

Humidity:   0…100% condensing

Temperature Storage:

  • – 40…60° C (– 40…140° F)
  • Max. ambient for 1 hr: 72° C (150° F)
  • Electronics & Display: –10…60° C (14…140° F)


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HR-E LCD Encoder Product Data Sheet

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Metering and Technology Solutions is your provider of high resolution LCD encoders for Minnesota, Western Wisconsin, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Nebraska.


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