Itron AMR - Automated Meter Reading

Itron Advanced Automated Meter Reading (AMR)
Itron radio technology has evolved with the rapidly changing needs of the industry. Walk-by data collection is performed with the compact Itron Mobile Radio that uses Bluetooth® to connect to a variety of mobile devices. Drive-by data collection uses a Windows 10 laptop or tablet with the vehicle-mounted MC3 radio. Itron radios support wake-up and bubble-up endpoints and include full two-way wireless communications for Itron’s latest generation advanced AMR endpoints.

Itron’s latest generation endpoints provide capabilities typically seen only with expensive AMI solutions. Itron Mobile makes these endpoints available at the low cost of AMR. Itron Mobile can collect time-synchronized interval data, electric time-of-use reads, acoustic leak sensor data, cathodic protection reads and more. Remote disconnect and connect are available for electricity, gas and water using encrypted two-way communications. Given this broad data set and system flexibility, Itron Mobile with Advanced AMR can significantly improve operational efficiency, customer service and system integrity.

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