Gateway Transceiver with Cellular LTE Backhaul – Orion® Fixed Network (SE)

The Badger Meter ORION Fixed Network (SE) gateway transceiver  with cellular LTE backhaul receives and reports water metering data from surrounding ORION SE endpoints, operating in either mobile priority or fixed network priority mode of operation via a cellular LTE data network or LAN backhaul.



Overview: Using frequency hopping to nullify interference, the gateway communicates with ORION SE water endpoints in the FCC regulated 902…928 MHz frequency band. Additionally, gateway firmware checks and upgrades can be performed locally via a programming harness.

Communication: The gateway listens for metering consumption and exception data from the system’s smart metering endpoints. The gateway then automatically sends the requested information via the network backhaul to the utility reading data management software based on endpoint mode of operation. Two communication antennas are used for diversity to optimize radio signal reception and transmission. The ORION SE system engages in “active diversity” whereby only one antenna is active at a time to avoid interference, and switching between antennas occurs on a regular basis.

Reading Data Management (RDM) Software: Gateway configurations can support Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) or can be assigned to a static IP address (LAN). With public cellular LTE networks, a dynamic IP address, provided by the network provider, is supported. Depending on how the network is set up, the RDM software must be assigned a static public or private IP address. All gateway configuration interfaces use a secure authentication algorithm and support the 128-bit Advanced Encryption Standard.


The light and compact design of the gateway makes system installation easy for the utility. The modular design of the backplate accommodates a variety of mounting options. Standard mounting hardware is included for mounting to a 1-1/4…2-1/2 in. (32…64 mm) outside diameter pole. Banding hardware is available for mounting to larger size poles.


The communication antennas and, if applicable, the cellular backhaul antennas can be mounted separately from the gateway enclosure. For further information and mounting requirements, refer to the ORION Fixed Network (SE) Gateway with Cellular LTE Backhaul Installation Manual, available at


This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC rules. Any changes made by the user and not approved by Badger Meter can void the user’s authority to operate the equipment. No license is required to operate an ORION meter reading system.

Additional information


Sealed, metallized fiberglass reinforced polyester (FRP)

Operating Temperature

–30…60° C (–22…140° F)

Storage Temperature

–40…60° C (–40…140° F)

Backhaul Options

LTE with LAN 802.3
LAN 802.3
LAN PoE 802.3af and 802.3at

Battery Backup

5 hours of receive operation (estimated)

Power Supply

DC voltage, 24V DC (AC adapter provided)
PoE alternative available for LAN
Solar can be used if it meets DC requirements


Local via programming harness


FCC certified
IC certified