Rural Water Metering Solutions

Unique and significant challenges for rural communities

Revenue, resources, management

Rural communities are unique not just in their lifestyle and their culture, but in their sources of revenue and management of resources. When it comes to metering, many rural towns and villages struggle with the balance between managing a wide variety of metering issues and the advantages and costs of advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) and automated meter reading (AMR) systems.

Metering and Technology Solutions is here to help

Metering and Technology Solutions specializes in only meters and is a distributor, installer and back-up service provider of rural metering systems in Minnesota, Iowa, western Wisconsin, North Dakota, South Dakota and Nebraska.


Our services for electric, water and gas meteringrural water metering

  • Helping rural communities to upgrade, extend and improve their infrastructure
  • Address issues such as
    • routine line breaks
    • faulty meters
    • customer problems
    • dealing with inaccurate water, gas or electric use measurement
    • water loss problems
  • We help rural communities to
    • upgrade meters with new manual or automatic-read meters
    • improve operational efficiencies
    • leak detection
    • control costs
    • lessen the workload on personnel
    • increase customer satisfaction for co-op member-owners, commercial customers and consumers
    • improve cash flow
    • reduce the costs of capturing billing data and maintaining grid performance
    • manage voltage, load monitoring and outage issues
    • build a theft detection program
    • reduce time in the field for re-reads, disconnects, re-connects and in-and-out reads
    • track and manage system reliability and power quality


Real-time data and hands-off meter reading

It’s costly for utility managers in rural areas to manage commercial and residential meter issues, whether it’s simple meter reading or repairs, leak detection, or homeowner technical and billing issues.

Using solutions including AMI and AMR, Metering and Technology Solutions works with rural utilities to:

  • Streamline data collection
  • Deliver hands-off detection methodology
  • Optimize assets including equipment, vehicles and personnel
  • Implement preventative and predictive maintenance procedures
  • Prioritizing budgets to the areas of the system that need the most attention
  • Provide real-time system performance information
  • Implement methods to replace traditional labor-intensive processes


Meters - and only meters

Metering and Technology Solutions is a distributor of meters for rural communities in the upper Midwest. By limiting our focus to specific products and a clearly defined set of customers we are able to offer better service and technical expertise as compared to others who may offer a wide, unrelated product offering.


Metering and Technology Solutions is your trusted provider of water, gas and electric meters for rural customers in Minnesota, western Wisconsin, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota and Nebraska.

Measure success with the firm that focuses on meters - and only meters.