Water Meter Solutions and Conservation With Cellular Transmission

Today’s “smart meter” cellular technologies offers benefits to consumers, commercial customers and utilities

Thanks to advances in cellular technology and partnerships between cell providers and water meter manufacturers, cell-enabled water meters now offer huge benefits to both consumers and businesses.

Skip the infrastructure, hold the IT staff

One of the biggest benefits of cellular-enabled water meters is that the infrastructure, used to transmit the meter usage data, is owned, managed and updated by the cellular provider.

Furthermore, cell providers in recent years have been proactive in working with water meter manufacturers and utilities to provide meaningful solutions to problems that plague municipalities and rural water concerns – not the least of which are leak detection, real-time data, conservation, in-the-field workload and IT staff requirements. Telecom providers have also provided lower rates for water meter cellular service as compared to consumer cell phone rates.

Near real-time data transmissionCellular Logistics

A smart water meter is basically a plug-and-play device that can transmit data in near real time.   This allows consumers, businesses and utilities to monitor usage remotely and detect leaks or abnormal water usage in near real time instead of monthly, which can and will result in cost savings and better water conservation.

Benefits of cellular-enabled water meters


  • Allows integration with back-end management, billing and analytics
  • Cellular networks are typically secure and future-proof
  • Two-way communications are available
  • Much lower costs for utilities as compared to labor intensive drive-by methods
  • Lower asset costs such as vehicle expenditures and maintenance
  • Quickly identifies of leaks, breaks, theft and inefficiencies
  • Encrypted software keeps data secure and safe
  • Consumers can better monitor water usage daily
  • For drought-stricken areas, better daily monitoring
  • Enhanced customer service and satisfaction
  • Fewer assets and resources needed to handle customer billing inquiries

Meters and only meters

Metering and Technology Solutions is a distributor of solid state water meters in the upper Midwest. By limiting our focus to specific products and a clearly defined set of customers we are able to offer better service and technical expertise as compared to others who may offer a wide, unrelated product offering.

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