Managed Solution – Beacon® Advanced Metering Analytics (AMA)

The BEACON® Advanced Metering Analytics (AMA) managed solution from Badger Meter brings a new level of utility optimizing information to light. The managed solution approach combines our intuitive BEACON AMA software suite with the proven ORION® communication technologies to give you greater visibility and control over utility management.

Configured for your utility, the BEACON AMA managed solution utilizes two-way communications—plus cellular and fixed networks—to deliver a simple, yet powerful end-to-end-solution.

Built-in infrastructure management services and a system design that keeps you in step with technology advancements, allows you to do what you do best—manage your water utility. Plus, built-in consumer engagement tools help enhance customer service, increase satisfaction and reduce costs.

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BEACON Advanced Metering Analytics (AMA)

With tools beyond meter reading and network management, BEACON AMA software offers targeted Advanced Metering Analytics. BEACON AMA software puts interval meter data to work to increase efficiency in day-to-day utility operations and address demands for actionable intelligence.

Problem solver – User intuitive data tools place the power of water consumption data at your fingertips, allowing you to rapidly respond to customer inquiries and quickly resolve— and even eliminate—many billing issues.

Customized design – A customizable dashboard delivers information configured to user security access level in a format matched to the utility’s individual requirements, providing data management integrity, security and control.

Works with you – Integration with utility systems—billing, work order, inventory, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Geographic Information Systems (GIS)—streamlines and improves utility operations without disrupting the current utility billing interface file transfer process.

Find out fast – Alert conditions can be set to monitor and notify users of system exceptions, including continuous flow, for faster leak detection.

Innovation at your service – Secure, hosted platform with automatic software upgrades ensures the latest technology and features are always available.



The BEACON AMA software suite includes informative consumer outreach tools to improve customer service consisting of the EyeOnWater consumer engagement website, smartphone mobile apps, and email or SMS text alerts, providing easy access to personal consumption data and alerts to potential leaks. With these tools, water consumers are able to view their usage activity, and gain greater understanding and control of what they use and the value you provide.


The BEACON AMA managed solution is built on the proven ORION system for interval data capture and two-way communication. In a managed solution, a network analysis of the deployment area is performed to determine the optimal mix of ORION technologies to achieve system performance goals. Should the analysis recommend the inclusion of any fixed network gateways and endpoints, Badger Meter installs and maintains the gateways. The solution also employs cellular endpoints which, as they leverage the public cellular network and require no proprietary gateways to operate, dramatically reduce infrastructure requirements compared to a traditional fixed network. This speeds installations and simplifies expansion as a system evolves.

Hourly data – ORION endpoints are programmed to automatically broadcast hourly meter reading and event data to the BEACON software on a daily basis. Hourly data helps identify potential customer-side leaks and other anomalies in water use, and provide the utility with a potent tool to enhance its customer service. Optionally, endpoints can be reprogrammed over the air via the network to collect data and transmit more frequently.

Two-way communication – BEACON software communicates with ORION endpoints to accomplish a number of system tasks, including requesting additional information from the endpoint and synchronizing the internal endpoint clock. If needed, the ORION two-way system architecture sends upgrades to the endpoint firmware over the air via the network, utilizing the powerful BEACON AMA software suite.

Data integrity – ORION endpoints utilize secure and robust encryption to ensure that data is reliably transmitted and received, that the integrity of the data is maintained, and that data cannot be captured or altered by unauthorized users.



BEACON AMA is ISO 27001 certified and SOC 2 examined for security, availability and confidentiality.


Configured for the utility, the safe and secure BEACON AMA managed solution provides utilities with regular software updates, long-term support and maintenance. Comprehensive training is provided at the time of system deployment. To maintain best practices, a library of online videos and options for web-based training and support are also available. Once deployed, our technical support specialists can be contacted by phone, email and web to provide ongoing, customer-friendly support.

Additionally, Badger Meter offers extended customized training to further enhance user expertise.



Developed as a hosted software platform, BEACON AMA is a cloud-based application accessed through a standard web browser. Internet access is required. User logins provide secure access.

BEACON AMA supported web browsers include the latest and next previous major releases of Google® Chrome, Microsoft® Edge, Mozilla® Firefox®, Microsoft® Internet Explorer® (IE 11 only); and Apple® Safari®.

EyeOnWater Consumer Engagement

The EyeOnWater consumer engagement website is a cloud-based application accessed through a standard web browser. Internet access is required. Water consumer user logins provide secure access to their information.

Supported web browsers include the latest and next previous major releases of Google® Chrome, Microsoft® Edge, Mozilla® Firefox®, Microsoft® Internet Explorer® (IE 11 only); and Apple® Safari®.

EyeOnWater smartphone applications require Android 4.1 or iOS 9.1 or later, and can be downloaded from Google Play or the Apple Store. Maximum screen density for Android smartphone applications is 640 ppi.