ORION CE – Orion® Classic Drive By Radio Endpoint

The ORION® Classic endpoint (CE) is a one-way water endpoint designed for mobile meter reading, which can be transitioned to a fixed network application through approved electric connectivity partner solutions or with a strategic deployment of ORION gateway 4.0 and 2.0 receivers.

The Classic endpoint is a member of the time-tested ORION family of products from Badger Meter, designed for maximum flexibility. Since 2002, the ORION product family has been providing comprehensive Advanced Metering Analytics (AMA) for interval meter reading and data capture using both one-way and two-way communications.

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Operation: The endpoint continuously monitors the encoder circuit. At predetermined intervals, the endpoint broadcasts the totalized reading value along with other metering data to the mobile collection devices.

Activation: The endpoints offer a Smart Activation feature. All ORION endpoints are shipped in an inactive, non-transmitting state. After the endpoint is installed, it begins broadcasting data when the encoder senses the first usage of water. No field programming or tools are required to activate the endpoint.

Broadcast Mode: The endpoints broadcast every four seconds.

Data Profiling: ORION Classic endpoints ordered with the data profiling option will store up to 2.4 years of hourly interval data within nonvolatile memory. The information is extracted from the endpoint via IR (infrared) local collection.

Output Message: The endpoint broadcasts its unique endpoint serial number, current meter reading and applicable status indicators.


Configurations: Available in integral, remote or endpoint-only configurations, the endpoint can be deployed in indoor, outdoor and pit applications. The endpoint electronics and battery assembly are fully encapsulated in epoxy for environmental integrity.

Meter Compatibility: When attached to a Badger Meter high resolution encoder, Absolute Digital Encoder (ADE®) or Recordall® Transmitter Register (RTR®), the ORION Classic endpoint is compatible with all current Badger Meter Recordall Disc, Turbo, Compound and Fire Series meters and assemblies, and with E-Series® Ultrasonic and M-Series® Electromagnetic flow meters.

Encoder Compatibility: The endpoint is suitable for use with all Badger Meter HR-E LCD, ADE and RTR encoders as well as the following Badger Meter approved three-wire encoder registers that have a manufacture date of 2000 or newer, are programmed into the AMR/AMI three-wire output mode and have three-wires connected: Elster AMCO®, InVISION and ScanCoder®; Hersey® Translator; Master Meter® Octave® Ultrasonic meter encoder output; Metron-Farnier Hawkeye; Mueller Systems 420 Solid State Register (SSR) LCD; Neptune® ProRead, E-Coder® and ARB® V; and Sensus® Electronic Register encoder (ECR) and ICE.

Additional information


5.125 in. (H); 1.75 in. (W) at top;
2.125 in. (W) at bottom

Broadcast Frequency MHz Band

FCC regulated 902-928 MHz
frequency hopping modulation

Operating Temperature Range Storage and Meter Reading

-40…60° C (-40…140° F) based on
storage and meter reading.

RF output may be reduced by
extremely low temperatures. The water
meter should not be subjected to
temperatures below freezing.


0…100% condensing


Two (2) lithium thionyl chloride
AA cell (nonreplaceable)

Battery Life

20 years (calculated)