T3500 8″ – Recordall® Turbo Series Meters

Recordall ® Turbo Series meters meet or exceed the most recent revision of AWWA Standard C701 Class II Standards and are available in a lead-free bronze alloy for sizes 1-1/2″ through 10″ and cast iron for 12″ meters. Turbo Series meters comply with the lead-free provisions of the Safe Drinking Water Act. Sizes 1-1/2″ through 10″ meters are also certified to NSF/ANSI Standards 61 and 372 (Trade Designation: Turbo Series LL-NS) and carry the NSF-61 mark on the housing. All components of the lead-free alloy meter (housing, measuring element, seals and so on) comprise the certified system.

Models 160 through 6200 are designed for 1-1/2″ through 12″ applications. These meters feature:

  • Direct coupled turbine based on an exclusive “floating rotor” design that reduces bearing friction—and associated wear and tear.
  • Low pressure loss for improved system efficiency.
  • Exceptional registration accuracy across low flow rate, normal operating flow rate and maximum continuous operation flow.
  • Permanently sealed, tamper-resistant register or encoder.
  • Integral strainer option for sizes 1-1/2″ through 4″ help protect your system from damaging debris and related downtime.
  • Meters and encoders are compatible with Badger Meter AMR/AMI meter reading systems and other approved reading technologies.


Applications: Recordall Turbo Series meters are designed for cold water, commercial and industrial applications where flows are consistent medium to high flows. Applications include hotels, apartment buildings, irrigations centers and manufacturing and processing plants. Turbo Series meters help reduce day-today maintenance costs while delivering accurate and efficient performance.

Operation & Performance: Direct magnetic drive is achieved when the magnet carrier is driven by a gear train coupled to the rotor. The gear train consists of two sets of gears connected by a vertical transmission shaft. One gear set is at the magnet carrier, the other is a worm gear set at the rotor shaft. When water flows into the Turbo Series meter measuring element, it contacts the multi-vaned rotor. The resulting rotor rotation is then transmitted by magnetic coupling to a sealed register or encoder. The direct magnetic drive is built to provides a reliable meter-to-registration coupling.

Tamper-Proof Features: Unauthorized removal of the register or encoder is inhibited by the option of a tamper detection seal wire screw, TORX® tamper-resistant seal screw or the proprietary tamper-resistant keyed seal screw. Each can be installed at the meter site or at the factory.

Construction: The Recordall Turbo Series meter is constructed in compliance with ANSI and AWWA C701 standards. It consists of the following basic components: meter housing, interchangeable, unitized measuring element and permanently sealed direct reading registers or encoders.

The measuring element consists of the transmission coupling, rotor, inlet and outlet straightening vanes with nose cones, and calibration ring assembly. The unique inlet and outlet straightening vanes minimize swirl from piping arrangements upstream as well as downstream.

A strainer is recommended to help ensure optimal flow conditioning and protection for the measuring element. An integral strainer is available as an option for 1-1/2″ through 4″ meter sizes. The stainless steel strainer is built into the inlet end and includes a removable cover plate to permit easy access for routine cleaning. External strainers are available in sizes 2″ through 12″.

To simplify maintenance, the registers or encoders and measuring elements can be removed without removing the meter housing. Interchangeability of certain parts between meters also minimizes spare parts inventory investment.

Meter Installation: The meter is designed for installations where flow is in one direction only. Companion flanges for installation of meters on various pipe types and sizes are available in cast iron or NL bronze as an option. See the Recordall Turbo Series Meters User Manual for specific instructions.

Additional information

Meter Flanges AWWA 125 Pound Class

8" (200 mm)

Typical Operating Range (100% ± 1.5%)

30…4500 gpm
(6.8…1022 m3/h)

Typical Low Flow (95% min.)

20 gpm (4.5 m3/h)

Maximum Continuous Flow

3500 gpm
(795 m3/h)

Maximum Intermittent Flow

4500 gpm
(1022 m3/h)

Pressure Loss at Max. Continuous Flow

2.5 psi (0.17 bar)

Pressure Loss at Max. Continuous Flow: With Integral Strainer

Maximum Operating Pressure

150 psi (10 bar)

Maximum Operating Temperature

120° F (49° C)

Optional Integral Strainer

Optional External Strainer


Test Plug

Standard with integral strainer; optional for other models.