Trimble® Yuma 7 tablet

The Trimble® Yuma 7 tablet is Designed to provide utilities with a rugged ORION dual-read mobile platform, the ORION Migratable (ME) and ORION Classic (CE) modules allow for simultaneous RF reading of ORION ME and CE endpoints.

The Trimble® Yuma® 7 tablet is a 7-inch, fully-rugged field tablet for professional organizations that know they can’t afford to take shortcuts. Bringing together the scalable flexibility of the Trimble EMPOWER Platform, a bold 7-inch tablet form-factor, and the industry leading Windows® 10 Pro OS, the Yuma 7 delivers a perfect combination of strength, smarts, and flexibility, making it perfectly suited to large scale field data capture in nearly any industry and application.



System: Installed on a Trimble® Yuma 7 tablet or Trimble Ranger 7 handheld, and coupled with the BEACON® AMA mobile suite of applications, the Badger Meter proprietary ORION ME and CE modules capture important utility meter reading data from the ORION endpoint for display in the ORION Mobile Read software. The internal GPS on the tablet and handheld provides meter readers with on-screen mapping capabilities, allowing meter readers to see a visual representation of the location and status of their field assignments.

Configuration:The ORION module can be ordered as an ORION ME transceiver or ORION CE receiver, and is factory programmed to be recognized as an authorized Trimble EMPOWER-enabled module. When connected to either of the available module slots on the back of the Trimble Yuma 7 tablet or the Trimble Ranger 7 handheld, Windows® recognizes the ORION module and assigns a communication (COM) port for use with the ORION Mobile Read and ORION Endpoint Utility applications.

    • Trimble EMPOWER Platform: Delivering a flexible, versatile, field solution that is scalable for future needs.
    • High definition 7-inch sunlight readable touchscreen: The perfect display for big jobs.
    • 4G LTE mobile data, 802.11 a/b/g/n and Bluetooth 4: Reliable high-speed wireless connectivity on the go, when and where you need it.
    • Windows 10 Pro: Compatibility with existing workflows and infrastructure, and enterprise level security functionality that you can trust.
    • Trust Trimble: Professional maintenance and service plans that you can depend upon